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Study in Berlin Summer 2016

Dear Students,
As some of you may have already heard, there’s been a change in plans for the Rutgers in Berlin program this coming summer.  Rather than running our own program (in collaboration with Duke University), we are advising students to enroll in the Berlin program run by the Freie Universität known as FUBIS.  It’s an excellent program and we’ve been working closely with them to make sure everything goes well.  Of course, we in the Rutgers German department will also work closely with you, the students, to make sure you are fully informed about the program and know exactly how to apply. 
Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Even though this summer’s program is run by FUBIS, Rutgers students attending it will be eligible for scholarship support provided through the Rutgers German department.  This will include significant – if not complete -- support of travel to and from Berlin. To be guaranteed consideration for departmental scholarship support, you should forward your FUBIS acceptance e-mail, along with your RU student #, to Prof. Rennie, Undergraduate Director, at, by Friday, March 11th. Optionally, you can include a short paragraph of your own (not more) with any information about your financial need that you consider relevant. There may still be funds available after this date: students who miss the 3/11 deadline are still asked to forward immediately their acceptances for consideration.
  • HOUSING: Whereas the normal Rutgers in Berlin program provides dormitory-style housing, FUBIS works with students to give them a range of accommodations, including the possibility of living with a Berlin host family.  The advantage of the latter option is that students will have more direct contact with Berliners than in the past, and a more complete “immersion experience” – even though people often speak English quite well (or at least well enough to help you settle in and make your way).  Housing costs are not included in the tuition costs but we can give you a sense of how much you should expect to pay.  See link below under “HOUSING OPTIONS”
  • HOUSING OPTIONS: Students can choose between single rooms in shared apartments (student dorm), single-occupancy apartments and a home-stay with a Berlin family. The home-stay housing arrangement is particularly attractive for German language students, since they will be able to practice their German in conversations with their hosts and fully immerse in German culture on a day-to-day basis. For more information about the housing options that FUBIS offers, go to:   
  • ACADEMICS: In summer 2016,  FUBIS will offer two terms:

Term II 2016 will run for 6 weeks from June 4, 2016 until July 16, 2016

Term III 2016 will run for 4 weeks from July 23, 2016 until August 20, 2016

  • FUBIS offers intensive and semi-intensive German language classes on five different levels of proficiency (Beginner to Advanced) as well as “content" courses from various subject areas, including history, architecture, cultural studies, literature, economics/business, and politics. FUBiS students can put together their own schedule by choosing a German language course, or a subject course, or even a combination of both. 
  • All classes make use of the extended classroom principle and include field trips to the vast resources the German capital and cultural metropolis Berlin has to offer.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn ECTS credits and receive an official transcript from Freie Universität Berlin. These credits may be applied to your studies at Rutgers and when appropriate count toward your major or minor.
  • German language course offerings:
  • Semi-Intensive German classes take place 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (108 contact hours / 6 ECTS credits in Term II and 72 contact hours / 4 ECTS credits in Term III). The tuition for a Semi-Intensive German language course is 1.350 Euro (roughly $1475) in Term II and 900 Euro ($1000) in Term III.
  • Intensive German classes take place from Monday through Friday (180 contact hours / 9 ECTS credits in Term II and 120 contact hours / 6 ECTS credits in Term III). The tuition for an Intensive German language course is 2.025 Euro (roughly $2200) in Term II and 1.350 Euro  ($1475) in Term III.
  • PLACEMENT PROCESS: All German language classes are offered on up to five levels of proficiency, including the A1 (absolute beginner) to the C1 (advanced levels). Where a student is placed is determined through three steps:
  • First, students choose the level that suits their prior knowledge during the registration process (self-assessment).
  • Second, students take an online placement test before departure.
  • The third and last step is a short interview on the first day of class.

 The application for both summer programs is now open and will generally remain open up to four weeks before the start of a given program.  The department strongly recommends your applying as soon as possible to ensure getting your top program choices.  Spots in the program are assigned on first-come, first-served basis.


An overview of the costs for participation in the FUBiS program can be found on their website.  These include: tuition, program fee, optional housing, excursion and insurance.  Go to:
In principle, the following fees apply for participation in the program:

  • tuition per course (depending on course choice / term)
  • program fee (this fee is a non refundable administrative fee and includes the transcript, official student ID, access to libraries and computing facilities on campus, extracurricular activities, welcome and farewell buffet, etc.)
  • housing fee
  • optional day and weekend trips

go to the following for more information:

  • optional insurance package (students can choose between the full package with health, accident and personal liability insurance or a smaller package with accident and personal liability insurance, in case you have their own international health insurance, for example through Rutgers)


Michael Levine, Chair
Nicholas Rennie, Undergraduate Director

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