Professor Martha Helfer

In English. No prerequisites.

01:470:225:02 2nd-year section
01:470:225:03 3rd-year section
01:470:225:04 4th-year section

This course analyzes the structure, meaning, and function of fairy tales and their enduring influence on literature and popular culture. While we will concentrate on the German context, and in particular the works of the Brothers Grimm, we also will consider fairy tales drawn from a number of different national traditions and historical periods, including the American present. Various strategies for interpreting fairy tales will be examined, including methodologies derived from structuralism, folklore studies, gender studies, and psychoanalysis. We will explore pedagogical and political uses and abuses of fairy tales. We will investigate the evolution of specific tale types and trace their transformations in various media from oral storytelling through print to film, television, and the stage. Finally, we will consider potential strategies for the reinterpretation and rewriting of fairy tales. 

All sections meet together.

This course has no prerequisites. Taught in English.

Satisfies SAS Core Curriculum Requirements AHp, WCd.