Professor Regina Karl

Cross-listed with Cinema Studies 01:175:349:01 and European Studies 01:360:349:01

Taught in English. No prerequisites.

In light of the 2008 economic crisis, the refugee and humanitarian crisis as well as the Corona pandemic, the EU has seen a troubling resurgence of inequality, racism, and political hatred. Pairing the formal and stylistic specificities of contemporary German & European filmmaking with essays, poems, and short fiction by young, post-migrant, and queer voices, we will investigate the formation of history, memory, and cultural identity in Europe today, shed light on the role of film festivals, consider the impact of streaming platforms, and reframe the concept of national cinema. The course includes several workshops to train and hone your writing skills, including workshops with a renowned journalist and critic who will be giving you professional instructions on how to write a film review. Additionally, you will get to filmmakers and  producers via guest visits and virtual interviews.

Fully online, mixed asynchronous and synchronous.

Course taught in English.

Satisfies SAS Core requirements AHp and WCD.