Taught in English. No prerequisites.
Crosslisted with Comparative Literature 01:195:314:01

The US Through European Eyes

 In the Beginning all the World was America. The US through European Eyes

If John Locke considered America to be the origin of civilization, Alexis de Tocqueville saw the USA as Europe's inevitable destination. Ever since the 18th Century, Europeans who crossed the Atlantic Ocean have marveled at the US - trying, at the same time, to make sense of the "new world" and the old continent they had left behind. The course examines the dialectic of these reciprocal projections between messianic promises and dystopic fears, between Americanophilia and anti-Americanism. Time and again, authors as diverse as Max Weber and Theodor W. Adorno, Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir, have returned to the same question: What is America?

Fulfills SAS Core Goals AHo, AHp, WCd