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Fall 2018: German through Drama

Fall 2018 - German 211: German Language and Culture: German Through Drama

MW 4:30-5:50pm
Mondays: Hardenbergh Hall A2, Thursdays Hardenbergh Hall A3

Taught by Fall 2018 Craig-Kade Scholar in Residence, Markus Kupferblum

Improve your German on stage!

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In our class, we will use the power of drama to encourage you to express yourself in German. The German tradition of documentary and post-dramatic theater like the plays of Rimini Protokoll or Yael Ronen gives you the perfect framework in which to improve your language skills playfully. Together, we will develop a play in German, which includes your own experiences and which will be staged at the end of the term and on Rutgers Day 2019.

This course is open to all students who have completed 470:102 or 121, or by permission of the undergraduate director.

This class is a one-time opportunity, since Director Markus Kupferblum is only in residence at Rutgers in Fall 2018!

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