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Lecture: Tobias Wilke (Universität Basel)
Monday, February 11, 2019, 04:30pm - 06:00pm

Please join us for a public lecture, given by

Dr. Tobias Wilke (Nomis Research Fellow, Universität Basel)

The Word as Sound and Sight: "Verbi-voco-visual Explorations" between McLuhan and Bense

Dr. Wilke works on the history of German literature and culture from the mid-nineteenth century through the post-war era, with an emphasis on European modernism; the history of media and media theory; and intersections between aesthetic theory, literature and the history of science. His publications include Medien der Unmittelbarkeit: Dingkonzepte und Wahrnehmungstechniken (The Media of Immediacy: Concepts of the Thing and Techniques of Perception); (co-)edited volumes on Dada, empirical aesthetics, and Benjamin’s media tactics; and articles on Moholy-Nagy, Rilke, Cézanne, and Bachmann. He recently completed a second book-length manuscript, Sound Writing: Experimental Modernism and the Poetics of Articulation.

Location Academic Building West Wing, room 4052