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German Major Hailey Parikh accepted to 2021 Ruhr Fellowship


German Major Hailey Parikh has been accepted for the 2021 Ruhr Virtual Fellowship Program. The very selective Ruhr Fellowship gives undergraduate students in the US the opportunity to participate in an intercultural and language immersion program at the university level followed by an internship with one of Germany’s leading companies located in the Ruhr Area or a research internship at one of our UA Ruhr universities. 

Hailey, a German Studies and Physics double major, has been placed for an internship with the chair of experimental physics at the faculty of physics at TU Dortmund University in the field of medical physics. Her project is to work with simulations in medical physics. Congratulations, Hailey!

PhD Student Steven Weinberg receives Jewish Studies research award

Congratulations to PhD student Steven Weinberg, who has received the Deborah S. and Herbert B. Wasserman Research Award from the Bildner Center and the Department of Jewish Studies for Spring 2021. His research focuses on Franz Kafka’s use of Jewish humor. Listen hereto his podcast "The Schrift," which incorporates German literature and philosophy to offer insight into the Book of Genesis.

PhD Student Anna Mayer featured on the NYPL Researcher Spotlight

PhD student Anna Mayer was recently featured on the New York Public Library's website, in an ongoing series focusing on researchers working from home. Click here for the full profile!

Congratulations to Professor Michael Levine, who has been awarded the School of Graduate Studies 2020 Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award.

The Department is thrilled to announce that Professor Michael Levine has received the School of Graduate Studies 2020 Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award. This award recognize Professor Levine's ability to inspire and train students through close textual analysis, his success in stimulating lively and productive class discussions, and his extraordinary investment in graduate education not just in the classroom, but as faculty mentor and dissertation advisor, and in a variety of administrative roles in German and Comparative Literature.