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Dr. Martin Mittelmeier joins us in Fall 2019 as our Craig-Kade Scholar in Residence

Editor and Author Dr. Martin Mittelmeier will join the department in Fall 2019 as our Craig-Kade Scholar in Residence. He has worked for prestigious German publishing houses (Luchterhand Literaturverlag, Eichborn), where he was especially responsible for German literature. He now is a freelance editor. Click here to read more about Dr. Mittelmeier and the Craig-Kade program.

Congratulations to Graduate Students Christiane Fischer and Anna Mayer

Congratulations to two of our graduate students who have won research awards for this summer!

Anna Mayer received an Off-Dissertation Development award from the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies, which will allow her to undertake research related to her dissertation project on Digital Surveillance and Media Representation in Film and Literature of the 1970s and 1980s.

Christiane Fischer was selected for a Mellon Dissertation Summer Study Award. This grant will enable her to do research at the Robert-Walser-Zentrum in Berne, Switzerland this summer.


Congratulations, Anna and Christiane!

Congratulations to German students who have been awarded Cinema Studies prizes

Congratulations to three German students who have received awards or grants from the Program in Cinema Studies!

Jessica Fitzner received the Cinema Studies Undergraduate award for a paper on feminism in the film Phoenix, written for Professor Naqvi's German film course.

Eva Erber was a winner in the Cinema Studies Program Small Grants Program for Graduate Students.

Christiane Fischer received the Cinema Studies Graduate award for a paper on the aesthetic of touch in Wong Kar-wai's cinema, written for the Cinema Studies core seminar taught by Professor Sen.

Congratulations, Jessica, Eva, and Christiane!

Graduate Student Nicole Uberreich interviewed translator Tim Mohr at the Festival Neue Literatur

Graduate Student Nicole Uberreich interviewed Tim Mohr, the translator of Stefanie de Velasco at the Festival Neue Literatur in March 2019.

interview credit John R Harris















photo by John R. Harris