The Botstiber Series, sponsored by the Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies, is an ongoing lecture series which brings scholars to Rutgers to speak on a variety of topics related to Austrian studies.

In Spring 2014, the department hosted Professor Thorsten Carstensen from Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis for a lecture in German entitled "Der Dichter und die Cowboys: Peter Handke guckt Western".

In Spring 2013, the German Graduate Student Workshop brought Professor Barbara Kosta to campus for "Representing Women in the Cinema of Josef von Sternberg". We also hosted a screening of Landscapes of Memory - The Life of Ruth Klüger, a documentary film about surviving the Holocaust.

In Fall 2012, the department hosted a series of distinguished film scholars to present lectures and workshops on a variety of topics related to Austrian cinema.

In Fall 2011, curator and festival director Sascha Keilholz hosted our Austrian Film Festival, screening Revanche, Lourdes, Der Kameramörder, Was du nicht siehst, and Der Räuber over four days. After the screenings, students discussed the films the films with Mr. Keilholz.

In Spring 2010, the Botstiber series turned to film: in February, Roy Grundmann gave a talk on Michael Haneke, his Adorno-inspired film-making, and the director’s importance in the U.S. In April, Alexander Horwath of the Filmmuseum Vienna will speak about Joseph von Sternberg and his recovered film fragment The Case of Lena Smith.

Our Fall 2009 Botstiber Series marked the 100th anniversary of Freud's historic visit to the United States. Our series "Analytic Crossings" reflected on a number of related issues including: the "translation" of Freud's work in the U.S.-American context; the English-language translations of his writing; the figure of translation within it; and, most importantly, the interdisciplinary crossings to which psychoanalysis has given place. Professor Michael Levine offered a graduate seminar in conjunction with the lecture series. In the seminar, students read texts written or suggested by our guests, Klaus Theweleit, Michael Rohrwasser, Alan Bass, and Ernst Falzeder. The seminar provided a thread of continuity, helping students to prepare for the lectures and giving them the opportunity to respond in an ongoing manner afterwards. Readings included texts by Freud and post-Freudian analysts; works of literature, film and popular culture; literary criticism; philosophy; trauma and translation theory.


Spring 2014

Lecture by Professor Thorsten Carstensen, Indiana University Purdue University
Wednesday, February 12
172 College Avenue

"Der Dichter und die Cowboys: Peter Handke guckt Western"


Spring 2013

Documentary film screening, Landscapes of Memory - The Life of Ruth Klüger
Professor Barbara Kosta, University of Arizona, Tucson

Fall 2012

Professor Joe McElhaney, Hunter College
Professor Noah Isenberg, The New School
Professor Tom Gunning, University of Chicago
Professor Gerd Gemuenden, Dartmouth College
Dr. Klaus Kastberger, University of Vienna
Dr. Nicole Streitler, Austrian Literature Archive

Spring 2012

Prof. Cathy Caruth, Cornell University

Fall 2011

Prof. Deborah Coen, Barnard College
Sascha Keilholz

Spring 2011

Dr. Jeffrey Champlin, Bard College
Prof. Catriona MacLeod, University of Pennsylvania

Fall 2010

Prof. Peter Gilgen, Cornell University
Prof. Paul Buchholz , New York University

Spring 2010

Alexander Horwath
Prof. Roy Grundmann, Boston University

Fall 2009 - "Analytic Crossings"

Klaus Theweleit, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe / the Berlin Academy of Film and Television
Prof. Galin Tihanov, University of Manchester
Prof. Michael Rohrwasser, University of Vienna
Prof. Ernst Falzeder, Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research
Prof. Alan Bass, The New School University

Spring 2009

Prof. Joseph Metz, University of Utah
Prof. Pieter Judson, Swarthmore College
Dr. Daniela Strigl, University of Vienna
Dr. Klaus Kastberger, University of Vienna
Dr. Nicole Streitler, University of Vienna
Lilian Faschinger