Drama and Poetry Declamation Competition

The Declamation Contest has been canceled for 2023.

We are sorry to announce that the 2023 Declamation Contest for German students has been CANCELED.

 Contest Guidelines:

  1. Students are encouraged to recite a poetry or prose selection OR to perform a dramatic scene or song.
  2. Selections should be appropriate for the student’s interest and ability.
  3. All selections must be delivered in German.
  4. For group performances, each participant must have a speaking role.
  5. No amplification is allowed.
  6. Each performance is allotted a maximum of ten minutes. Time will be kept.
  7. No student who has had more than three years of German-language schooling in a German-speaking country should compete.

Each teacher is allowed to register up to two performances in each competition category:

BEGINNER: students in their first year of German study
ADVANCED: students in their second year or higher of German study


Judges will score the performances in the following three categories: memorization and preparation; clarity and pronunciation; and feeling and presence.

For each category, the performance may receive a maximum of 10 points and a minimum of 1 point. The maximum total number of points a performance may receive from one judge is 30 points. The maximum total number of points a performance may receive overall is 90 points.

Photos from the 2017 Declamation Contest

IMG 2877

A packed house!

IMG 2911

IMG 2922

IMG 2945

Students from Hammerskjold Middle School perform their original piece "Germany's Got Talent".

IMG 2948

Students from Churchill Junior High School perform their original work "Die Dr. Freud Talkshow".

IMG 2981

Students from The Pingry School perform their original work "Der verschwundene Keks".

IMG 3006

Kunal Zalani from Hopewell Valley Central High School performs "Faust-Studierzimmer Monologue from Act I" by Goethe.

IMG 3021

Students from the Pingry School perform "Die gekochte Ratte - Teil 2", an original work that continues the story of their performance from 2016.

IMG 3043

Students from South River High School perform "Lamento" by Kurt Tucholsky.

IMG 3057

The judges deliberate!


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