Declamation Contest

Previous Declamation Contests at Rutgers!


IMG 1087

Professor Rennie and Delta Phi Alpha student officer, Raul Aguilar, open the 2016 Declamation Contest.

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Student performers from Hammarskjold Middle School pose with their teacher, Brian Lavery.

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Hammarskjold Middle School students Kareem Abdelhalem, Jack Anderson, Christina Chen, Arianna Daringa, Jackson Flower, Fiona Liu, Michael Shen, and Aaron Zhu perform "Ein Abend in Wien" by Die Schüler.

IMG 1139

Spotswood High School student Hope Kraszewski performs "Auf anderen Wegen" by Andreas Bourani.

IMG 1160

Erin Dugan, a student at The Pingry School, performs "Ich bin es nicht" from "Die Hexen von Oz" by Stephen Schwartz.

IMG 1176

Spotswood High School student Clara Melvin performs "Da unten im Tale" by Johannes Brahms.

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IMG 1211

Students from The Pingry School perform "Die gekochte Ratte," an original work by students Noah Bergam, Teodora Kolarov, and Callie Mahoney.

IMG 1222

Contest judges Eva Erber, Anna Mayer, and Janine Wahrendorf (left to right).

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Participating students receive certificates and book prizes generously provided by the German Consulate in NYC.

IMG 1244

Class of 2016 German major, Raul Aguilar, receives a certificate for outstanding achievements in German.

IMG 1254

Congratulations to our Class of 2016 German majors (pictured left to right): Kate Tullio, Sarah Neiheiser, Raul Aguilar, and Christina Orme, and all other graduating majors & minors who could not make it to the celebration!


Prof. Behrmann

Professor Behrmann gives some opening remarks and introductions.

st peters prep

St. Peter's Preparatory School students John Fearon, Christian Hedengren, Luka Heinrich, Andrew Petrick, Phillip Richardson, and Emre Saritepe perform an adaptation of "Der Apfelschuss" scene from Wilhelm Tell.

ebhs brennen die hexe 1

ebhs brennen die hexe

Students from East Brunswick High School perform "Brennen die Hexe," an original work by students Dawson March, Alyssa Sanchez, and Laura Wagner.

hammarskjold reality tv

hammarskjold realitytv

Hammarskjold Middle School students Jonathan Botrous, Aiden Dias, Maria Galkin, Ameer Samy, Nimai Sanikop, and Adam Starr perform their original work "RealityTV - Rumpelstilzchen."

awards 1st

awards 2

Students receive certificates from the German Consulate for participation in the Declamation Contest.

book prizes

book prizes

 book prizes 3

Students select from books generously supplied by the German Consulate for a prize.


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Professor Nicholas Rennie and Delta Phi Alpha President Stephen Pfeiffer

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Declamation Contest judges Anna Mayer, Anne Schult, and Kurt Pöschl

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Chatham High School student Scarlett Blydenburgh performs "Ich ging in dich hinein wie ein Feld" from "Der Regenbogen" (Sonette) IX by Rose Ausländer.

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St. Peter's Preparatory School students James Howell, Patrick Karol, Jeffry Kral, Ryan Lillis, and Jason Mallonga perform an excerpt from Die Physiker by Friedrick Dürrenmatt.

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South River High School students Katherine DeZarlo, Rachele Gardner, Jonathan Gonzalez, Tyler Lepucki, Morgan Makely, Tania Mirassol, and Kyla Niewinski perform DoReMi from The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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South River High School students Yareli Aaron, Robby Belen, Sofia Feggulis, Emilie Geesey, Leah Hermann, Carlie Hicks, Hannah Nale, Alexa Reininger, Joline Santana, Daniel Severino, Chanel Torres, and David Velasco perform the fable Schneewittchen.

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Declamation Contest certificates

IMG 2709 2

Professor Nicholas Rennie presents undergraduate and graduate students with awards for outstanding performance in German.

IMG 2710 2

Delta Phi Alpha initiates sign Das goldene Buch.

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Professor Charlotte Craig, Charlotte M. Craig Distinguished Visiting Professor Helmut Schneider, and Department Chair Martha Helfer

IMG 2722 2

Department Chair Martha B. Helfer says a few final remarks.


IMG 0574

Professor Nicholas Rennie and Delta Phi Alpha President Christopher Johns

IMG 0571
Jennifer Voitovitch, Spotswood High School

IMG 0579

IMG 0580
Hope Behre and Alison Ramsland from Chatham High School perform Haus am See by Peter Fox

IMG 0601
Erin Dugan from the Pingry School performs an aria from Du bist die Ruh by Friedrich Rückert

IMG 0612
Rose He performs Herbstmilch by Anna Wimschneider

IMG 0624
Jennifer Voitovitch from Spotswood High School performs Die Katze und die Maus

IMG 0637
Adam Szegeti, Dionisia Koutsoupias and Ashley VandeBeek from South River High School perform Ehekrach by Kurt Tucholsky

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IMG 0652

IMG 0656
Students from South River High School perform Aschenputtel

IMG 0755

IMG 0759
Charlotte M. Craig Distinguished Visiting Professor Henry Sussman addresses the Declamation Contest participants and Delta Phi Alpha initiates

IMG 0770Delta Phi Alpha President Christopher Johns initates new Delta Phi Alpha members

IMG 0772
Professor Rennie presents Das goldene Buch for signatures

IMG 0796
Professor Rennie congratulates one of the undergraduate award recipients


The 2012 Annual Declamation Contest was held on April 30, 2012. 


The 2011 Annual Declamation Contest was held on May 3, 2011. 23 students from five local schools performed selections from plays, original skits, and monologues. 


The 2009 Annual Declamation Contest was held on Thursday, April 23rd. Five local schools participated and entertained the faculty, graduate students, teachers and others who came to watch. 



The 2008 Annual Contest was held on Friday, May 2nd at the Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University. About 40 students representing half a dozen schools performed in this competition.



In 2007, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of this special event sponsored by the Rutgers chapter of Delta Phi Alpha, the national honor society for students of German. Over 30 students from area middle and high schools took part and entertained a standing-room-only crowd with performances of songs, poetry and scenes from various German-language plays.