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  • Thomas Wallerberger
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Thomas Wallerberger joined the department in Fall 2017 as an Excellence Fellow.


Ph.D. student and fellow, Rutgers University, 2017 to present

B.A. in Philosophy, University of Vienna, 2017

B.A. in Social Work, University of Applied Sciences VIenna, 2011

Academic Interests:

Literature of exile

Political theory, 19th and 20th-century philosophy

Modernist and contemporary poetry

Publications (selection)

as editor:

 J. Aistleitner, L. Lorenz, T. Wallerberger, eds., Grenzüberschreitungen. Didaktische Materialien zum Literatur-Exil. Theodor-Kramer-Gesellschaft, Vienna, 2016.

A. Emanuely, J. Goetz, T. Wallerberger, eds., Exil. Literatur und Gedächtnis. Ein Lesebuch. Theodor-Kramer-Gesellschaft, Vienna, 2012.

as author:

Ágnes Heller (1929-2019) In: Zwischenwelt No. 3-4/2019, Wien, 2019, pp. 12-14        

Held des Ungehorsams. Die Lebensgeschichte des Feldwebels Anton Schmid. [The lifestory of the disobedient soldier Anton Schmid] In: Literatur und Kritik No. 505/506, Salzburg, 2016

Exil im Deutschunterricht an österreichischen Schulen. [The Austrian writers´ exile in school teaching and text books] In: Zwischenwelt No. 1/2013, Wien, 2016, pp. 5-7

Vom Recht, das Richtige zu tun. Über Schlepperei. [About the right to do good. Debating 'human smuggeling'] In: Die Presse, Wien, 04/11/2014

Unvergangene Vergangenheit. Das lyrische Werk Tuvia Rübners im Spannungsfeld von Erinnern und Vergessen. [Tuvia Rübner poetry between the poles of remembrance and oblivion] In: Wr. Zeitung, Wien, 05/31/2014

'Welcome - you are safe' On the reality and exceptions of the refugee crisis in Vienna. In: Political Critique. Central and Eastern European magazine of politics and culture, Warsaw, 09/14/2015

Schnellschritte und Standorte. 10 Gedichte. (poems) In: Zwischenwelt No. 2-3/2014, Wien

Conferences and Talks (selection)

Rechtsruck und Antirepublikanismus in Ungarn. Debate with the philosophers Ágnes Heller and Gáspár Miklós Tamás in Hamakom Theater (in cooperation with the Austrian section of LICRA - Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme). Jan 21, 2014

Die Philosophin Ágnes Heller im Gespräch über Ungarn. Debate with Ágnes Heller in Republikanischer Club. Jan 22, 2014

'Intelligentsia - helpless or dead'. Debate with the Polish activist and sociologist Sławomir Sierakowski in Republikanischer Club. Jan 23, 2015

Liquid modernity and Diasporic Terrorism. Debate with the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman in Republikanischer Club (in cooperation with IWM - Institute for Human Sciences Vienna). Apr 15, 2015

Wahn und Wirklichkeit im Nahen Osten. Debate with the co-founder of the German Iraq relief organization Wadi e.V. in Republikanischer Club. Jan 11, 2016

Writing Against the "Absolute Reality" of Auschwitz: Jean Améry and Primo Levi. – NeMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, March 5-8, 2020). Mar 5, 2020

Teaching Experience

"Exil und Widerstand. Vergessene politische Aspekte von Flucht und Exil"  University of Applied Sciences Vienna (FH Campus Wien), Fall 2016 

"Exil, Flucht und Soziale Arbeit"
University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Fall 2017

"Exil, Flucht und Soziale Arbeit"
University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Fall 2018

"German 101" (Elementary German I)
Rutgers University, Fall 2018

"The Language of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud" (undergraduate seminar)
Rutgers University, Spring 2019

"German 101" (Elementary German I)
Rutgers University, Spring 2019

"Exil und Soziale Arbeit"
University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Fall 2019

"The Language of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud" (undergraduate seminar)
Rutgers University, Fall 2019

"German 132" (Intermediate German II)      
Rutgers University, Fall 2019

Teaching Assistant for "Fairy Tales Then and Now" (Prof. Martha Helfer)
Rutgers University, spring 2020

Work Experience:

2003 – 2009: Miscellaneous internships in social services: Justizanstalt Mittersteig (special facility for dangerously disturbed prisoners), Asyl in Not (counseling center for asylum seekers), St. Klara (retirement centre) and in youth centres

2006 – 2007: Civilian service in an institution for people with disabilities. Bad Ischl, Austria

2009 – 2011: Vice president of the Austrian National Union of Students (Bundesvertretung der Österreichischen HochschülerInnenschaft)

since 2010: Advisory board of the NGO and debate club Republikanischer Club; responsible for over 50 panel discussions with well-known persons in the fields of politics, literature, social sciences, and the arts

since 2011: Freelance journalist; literary texts, book reviews and journalistic articles dealing with exile topics (Augustin, Literatur und Kritik, Die Presse, Wiener Zeitung, Zwischenwelt)

2012 – 2015: Research assistant in the Theodor Kramer publishing house of exile literature

2013 – 2017: Pedagogue in an institution for unaccompanied refugee minors

starting 2019: Organized a national research project, "Aus Österreich vertriebene FürsorgerInnen” (Banished and Murdered Caretakers from Austria), together with Dr. Irene Messinger. The project is funded by the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism,