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  • Steven Weinberg
  • Ph.D. candidate
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  • Office: 15 Seminary Place, 4th floor
  • Campus: College Avenue Campus
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    Mondays, 9am - 10am

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Steven Weinberg joined the department in Fall 2017 as an Excellence Fellow.

My research interests are in Kafka, Jewish Studies, Law, Aesthetics, and Irony. I am currently writing my dissertation on Walter Benjamin’s and Gershom Scholem’s reception of Kafka’s literature. This dissertation asks whether and to what extent Kafka’s literature can be read as “kabbalistic.” Before joining Rutgers’ German Department in 2017, I did an M.A. in Literature from Ben-Gurion University in Israel. My M.A. Thesis read Kafka’s Der Prozess in light of a jurisprudential debate occurring in Prague at the turn of the twentieth century. I also have a J.D. from Temple University (2012) and a B.A. in English from Carnegie Mellon University (2008). I grew up in Philadelphia, but my current home is Berlin. In addition, I host a podcast show which brings together my academic passions. It is called The Schrift: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for Modern Times and analyzes the Torah from the perspective of the German literary canon and from the teachings of mindfulness meditation.


Brandeis Tauber Research Award (2022)

DAAD Research Award (2020)

Rutgers Jewish Studies Research Award (2018, 2020, 2022)

Courses Taught

WP 101 Expository Writing
Fall 2022

WP 101 Expository Writing
Fall 2021

GER 101 Elementary German
Spring 2021

GER 104 German Conversation
Fall 2020

GER 105 German for Reading Knowledge
Fall 2020

GER 101 Elementary German
Spring 2020

GER 101 Elementary German
Fall 2019