• Regina Karl
  • Regina Karl
  • Assistant Professor
  • Degree: Ph.D., Yale University
  • Office: 15 Seminary Place, Room 4129
  • Campus: College Avenue Campus
  • Office Hours:

    Mondays, 10:00 - 11:00am, and by appointment

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Research Interests:

My research draws from a range of disciplines and centers on media ecology, psychoanalysis, as well as the entanglement of aesthetics and politics. Focusing on twentieth-century German and French literature and film, media studies is my comprehensive framework for understanding the interplay and impact of different forms of art on society at large.

My current book project, titled Manipulations. The Hand as Symbol and Symptom in the Arts and Literature after 1900, extends that impulse towards a transmedial scholarship. Based on a sweeping emergence of hands in German and French literature, photography, and film after the turn of the twentieth century, this project reassesses the relationship between handwork and technology, between technological reproducibility and the hand as corporeal instrument and figure of thought.

I share a strong passion for contemporary German-speaking theater and collaborated as a dramaturg in various performances in Germany and the US.


Beinecke Library Research Fellowship (2017)

MacMillan International Dissertation Research Fellowship (2018)

Max Weber Fellowship, German Center for Art History (DFK), Paris (2018-2019)


“Paul Valéry. Entwendung als Handhabe.“ In Entwendungen. Walter Benjamin und seine Quellen, ed. Jessica Nitsche, Nadine Werner (Paderborn: Fink, 2019).

“Das Informe. Poetiken der Hand bei Paul Valéry.“ In z.B. Zeitschrift zum Beispiel, 3/2019.

“Snapshot vs. Tactile Sensitivity. Some Reflections on Photography after 1900,” In Perspective Actualité en histoire de l´art: Multiples (Paris: INHA). Forthcoming 2019

As Editor:

Unbedingte Universitäten (Ed.), Was passiert? Stellungnahmen zur Lage der Universität (Zürich: Diaphanes, 2010).

Unbedingte Universitäten (Ed.), Was ist Universität? Texte und Positionen zu einer Idee (Zürich: Diaphanes, 2010)

As Translator (selected):

Jean-Claude Milner, Das klare Werk. Lacan – die Wissenschaft – die Philosophie, trans. Regina Karl, Anna Sophie Luhn (Wien: Turia+Kant, 2013).

Recent Courses Taught at Rutgers:


Intro to German Studies, 1900 - present (Fall 2019)
Intro to Literary and Cultural Analysis (Fall 2019)