Program Overview

German Grad StudentsInternationally recognised as a leader in cutting-edge research and teaching, Rutgers German offers premier training in graduate studies. We emphasize interdisciplinary modes of inquiry and foster excellence in research and pedagogy at all levels of instruction. Courses provide strong grounding in literature, literary history, aesthetic theory, film history and theory, Continental philosophy, German-Jewish cultural history, psychoanalysis, and avant garde theater.

The Department has close connections to related programs in Comparative Literature, Cinema Studies Art History, Gender Studies, Music, History, Jewish Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, the Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights, and the Center for Critical Analysis.


For further information , please contact Graduate Director Prof. Nicola Behrmann at

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Learning Goals and Assessment

In December 2011, the Graduate Program in German adopted a new Learning Goals and Assessment program. Please pdf click here to read the Learning Goals for the M.A. program . For the Learning Goals for the Ph.D. program, pdf click here .

Other important information: