Course Descriptions

470:247 Psy Fi: Literature and Psychoanalysis

Professor Michael Levine

cross-listed with Comparative Literature 195:247:01

In English. No prerequisites.

Origins and major concepts of psychoanalysis explored through a close analysis of Freud’s writings with a particular focus on their literary dimension. The course seeks not simply to apply Freud to literature but also to see how psychoanalytic thinking itself might be enriched and expanded by our approaching it through works of art, literature and cinema. The focus this semester will be on family secrets, a topic we will approach through analytic case studies, graphic novels, film, and short fiction. Readings and viewings of works by Abraham and Torok, Bechdel, Conrad, Freud, Gitai, Perec, Poe, Spiegelman, Winnicott, Wolf, and others. In English. No prerequisites. Course fulfills the Core requirements AHo & AHp