Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer in Berlin (FUBIS)

Rutgers students can study abroad in Berlin through the FUBIS program, which takes place at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. FUBIS students can choose from intensive and semi-intensive German language classes, as well as subject classes in various topics. Experience German culture while learning at one of the topic research universities in Germany, all while living in one of Europe's centers of politics, culture and art!

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2019 FUBIS students
2019 Rutgers students at FUBIS

Semester and Year Abroad in Germany

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a number of programs in Germany for students majoring in any discipline, and including those who are just beginning to learn German as well as those with advanced skills. All German majors (whether in German Studies or in German Language and Literature) are strongly encouraged to spend at least one term abroad at a German university, ideally as participants in one of the Rutgers study-abroad programs in Berlin.Semester/ Year Abroad at the Berlin European Studies Program of Freie University (FU-BEST) - beginner to advanced speakers of German

Semester/Year Abroad at the Freie University in Berlin - advanced speakers of German

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