The School of Arts and Sciences offers a number of programs in Germany for students majoring in any discipline, and including those who are just beginning to learn German as well as those with advanced skills. All German majors (whether in German Studies or in German Language and Literature) are strongly encouraged to spend at least one term abroad at a German university, ideally as participants in one of the Rutgers study-abroad programs in Berlin. Students who apply through Rutgers Study Abroad for the following Fall and/or Spring semester of study in the FU-BEST program of the Free University Berlin are automatically considered for a number of scholarships typically amounting to some $5,000.00.

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Interested students from any discipline are strongly encouraged to meet with the Undergraduate Director of German early in their studies at Rutgers in order to learn which program(s) might make the most sense given their interests and linguistic level, to find out about any available funding support, and to learn how to apply study-abroad credits toward a degree in German. Students are also encouraged to meet with the undergraduate program directors in other disciplines to learn about options for transferring credit from English-language or German-language courses taken in Germany.

Up to 9 credits total may be credited toward the minor. Such credits are assigned at the discretion of the Undergraduate Director of German on the basis of materials (transcripts, Scheine, syllabi, graded tests and quizzes, and graded papers) provided by the student after return to the U.S. Students studying in Germany are advised to remain in close contact with the Undergraduate Director of German during their studies in Germany. The German studies senior honors thesis option must be taken in New Brunswick.

The Kade Foundation is now offering scholarships for students enrolled in Rutgers University Study Abroad programs in Berlin. Click here to learn more!