Professor Alexander Pichugin

Taught in German. Prerequisite:470:232, or simultaneous enrollment in 01:470:231 or 232.

The images of the discoverer, explorer, and researcher, ranging from “world-illuminator” to “mad scientist,” have been a strong discourse-building element in German-speaking Europe of the 20th and 21st Centuries, which finds its reflection in all forms of cultural production and is especially prominent in literature and film. This course examines the representation of discoverers and their discoveries in German-language literature, cinema, television, and press. By studying different genres of literature and other forms of cultural production in relation to the representation of discoverers, explorers, and researchers, as well as the related concepts (travel, scientific discoveries, moral aspects of scientific activity), students will gain insights into ideas, trends and discourses that have shaped contemporary German-language culture. We will discuss a wide range of materials, including both non-fiction and literary prose texts, plays, documentary and feature films, an audiobook, as well as selections from newspapers and magazines related to the images of discoverers and discoveries.

Fulfills SAS core requirements AHp, WCd. 300-level German-language courses open to students who have either successfully completed German 232 or will be simultaneously enrolled in either German 231 or 232. May be repeated for credit.