Program Description

The Masters Program is oriented toward students who would like to do an advanced degree in German without committing to the doctoral program. While students are integrated into courses with Ph.D. students, they are required to do different exams and research geared toward their later job expectations. As such, many Masters students complete a written thesis on an area of interest. 

Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 30 credits in course work, six of which may be devoted to a research problem if the candidate elects to write a thesis. Not more than three credits may be earned in Independent Study courses (16:470:601 or 602).
  • A G.P.A. of 3.4 in course work.
  • Successful completion of the written M.A. examination.
  • At the department's discretion, students may be required to take extra language courses in order to attain the necessary level of fluency.

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