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Spring 2022 Undergraduate Course Descriptions



Below is a listing of course descriptions for Spring 2022.  To view the meeting schedule for these courses, go to the course schedule page below:


Spring 2022 Core Courses

Intermediate German I, 01:470:131 - AHq
Intermediate German II, 01:470:132 - AHq
Fairy Tales Then and Now, 01:470:225 - AHp, WCd
Advanced German II, 01:470:232 - WCd
Psy Fi: Literature and Psychoanalysis, 01:470:247 - AHo, AHp
Introduction to German Studies, 1900 - present, 01:470:275 - AHp, WCd
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis: Stranger Bodies, 01:470:302 - AHp, WCd
Contemporary German and European Cinema, 01:470:349 - AHp



Courses Taught by German Faculty in Other Programs

Honors Seminar: World Languages: History and Theory (Alexander Pichugin)

Honors Seminar: What was the University? (Dominik Zechner)